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Paraprofessional - Middle School

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Paraprofessional - Middle School
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Jacksonville,  FL 32218
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Paraprofessional - Middle School
Northside/Jacksonville, FL

Title I - Paraprofessionals whose duties include instructional support must have:

  • High school diploma or the equivalent, required 
  • Two years of college (48 units) or,
  • A. A. degree (or higher) or,
  • Pass a local assessment of knowledge and skills in assisting in instruction. 

Provide assistance to the assigned teacher(s) to ensure students receive the full attention needed to be successful. Work closely with students both individually and in groups with assignments by utilizing specific teaching skills and a knowledge of variety of learning styles. Manage all administrative and maintenance aspects of the classroom.

  • Assist teacher(s) with their clerical and administrative tasks, such as maintaining student attendance records, filing student information and progress reports, making appointments and drafting school letters.
  • Deliver one-to-one tutoring to students who require additional assistance, at the direction of the teacher.
  • Provide substantive feedback to teacher on individual student progress to be discussed in parent-teacher conferences.
  • Lead classroom discipline and assist in maintaining an atmosphere free from diversion to increase students’ ability to learn.
  • Prepare classroom for the teacher each day, ensuring all instructional materials, presentations and visual displays are available when needed and stored appropriately when not in use.
  • Examine and score test papers or class assignments and distributing the results.
  • Ensure proper care and upkeep of educational materials, equipment, and supplies.
  • Take immediate action if there is any question that a student has violated any of the schools policies or rules, and notify the Principal immediately if bullying or cyber-bullying is suspected.
  • Act as a role model within the community, participating in community outreach as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the teacher or principal.
Required Skills

A.A. Degree

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