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Physical Education - Kindergarten - 8th

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Physical Education - Kindergarten - 8th
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Jacksonville,  FL 32218
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Physical Education Teacher - Kindergarten to 8th Grade
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North Jacksonville, FL

Must have valid "Florida" Teaching Certification

Duties and Responsibilities:
Instruct students on importance of regular amounts of appropriate physical activity now and throughout life. Create and maintain an atmosphere which endorses an attitude of teamwork as well as health and physical fitness in students.

  • Possess knowledge of curriculum and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (and/or Common Core Standards, as adopted) in the appropriate subject area.
  • Design and instruct curriculum in accordance with the four strands of the NGSSS concerning Physical Education: Movement Competency, Cognitive Abilities, Lifetime Fitness, Responsible Behaviors and Values.
  • Demonstrate mastery of all state competencies.
  • Develop effective lesson plans to teach physical education appropriate to the age or grade level.
  • Teach cognitive concepts about motor skills and fitness.
  • Travel between multiple locations, providing services to both middle and high school students.
  • Assess the skill level of students and provide differentiated instruction for various ability groupings.
  • Explain and enforce safety rules governing sports, recreational activities and the use of sports and exercise equipment.
  • Ensure that student records (e.g. grades in electronic grade-book) are accurate and updated and that parents have timely access to this information.
  • Ensure that parents are kept updated through interim reports, phone calls, announcement boards and emails.
  • Assist in data collection and preparation of reports including individualized educational plans of instruction for students.
  • Adhere to The Code of Ethics of the Education Professional in Florida as defined in State Board of Education Rule 6B – 1.001, FAC.
  • Assist in data collection and preparation of reports including individualized educational plans of instruction for students.
  • Take initiative to implement projects and programs and/or compensate for shortcomings within your classroom and/or the school environment.
  • Initiate opportunities for professional development.
  • Take immediate action if there is any question that a student has violated any of the school’s policies or rules, and notify the Principal immediately if bullying or cyber-bullying is suspected.
  • Act as a role model within the community, participating in community outreach as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.
Required Skills

Bachelors Degree

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