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C++ Software Engineer

Job Title
C++ Software Engineer
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Orlando,  FL 32810
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C++ Software Engineer 

Collaborate with designers to develop features using C++ as the primary development language, the Software Engineer will be responsible for enhancing existing and developing new features for various franchises ranging from Online, Presentation, UI, and Franchise Modes. 

  • 2 - 3 years of development experience in Agile/Scrum environment
  • Experience with C++ with an emphasis on OOP/D
  • Proficiency in a Client/Server environment with basic SQL or MySQL 
  • Ability to test, debug, and extend other Software Engineer's code competently.
  • Experience using Flash, specifically in tandem with ActionScript is preferred
  • Source code management experience

Key Responsibilities


  • Participate in distributed agile development across multiple teams
  • Works on improving and enhancing multiple areas of the game including stability, connectivity, scalability, performance, optimization, memory management, and others
  • develops leading reusable online server solutions, both systems and engines if required
  • Writes new code and maintains existing code to support user input screens, inter-screen and GUI object behaviors, animations, and transitions
  • Defines the logic for game and season progression
  • Implements high quality code with comprehensive testing
  • Troubleshoots issues raised by stakeholders
  • Fixes bugs related to assigned tasks


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