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Baton Rouge,  LA
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Futures Education of The Futures Healthcore (Futures) is seeking a special education/inclusion teacher to provide academic services to our students with special needs.  Futures Education is seeking motivated staff that is committed to the belief that all children can learn, no exceptions. This role would be helping students with REACH and ESSENTIAL SKILLS courses at Collegiate Academies. Highly focused on Developmental Math & Literacy. 

Needed a Valid Louisiana Professional Educator License 

Primary Responsibilities

  •  Collaborate with Case Managers, the school-based Director of Intervention, and the Intervention Compliance Coordinator to manage a caseload of students , ensuring that all scholars with IEPs and 504s are on track to reach their goals, and any additional students are identified and supported.
  •  Teach to the diverse learning needs of every student you teach. Take action on and responsibility for every student in your classroom regardless of incoming achievement level or diverse learning needs.
  • Plan and execute strong Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions within the Response To Intervention (RTI) framework to ensure every child can master the material in your class every day.
  •  Track data to assess the efficacy of your interventions. If interventions aren’t working, find new interventions to test out to ensure all students are growing as fast as possible towards their goals.
  •  Ensure all scholars with IEPs and 504s have high quality accommodations and modifications in place to meet their needs.

Our ideal candidate aligns to the following:

  •  Deep belief that all students, regardless of their backgrounds and educational pasts, have the potential to succeed in college and beyond, and that it is the responsibility of schools to help students realize that potential.
  •  2+ years of teaching experience, preferably working with students from similar backgrounds to Collegiate Academies students.
  •  Desire to work at a college-prep high school rebuilding urban education for all learners.
  •  Desire to grow as a teacher and face the challenges that come with deep reflection and direct feedback on your classroom practices.
  •  Positive attitude and strong work ethic. Ability to constantly find joy in the successes and challenges of our work. Ability to demonstrate that joy towards students, families, and teammates.
  •  Personal initiative to better yourself and those around you. Drive to actively pursue excellence in everything you do, even when not given direct coaching.
  •  Strong knowledge in content area of choice, demonstrated through lesson planning, execution, and intervention with all students.

To apply for this Special Education Teacher position in Baton Rouge, LA  please contact Chris McDaniels @ 413-349-4077 or Email: chris.mcdaniels@futureshealthjobs.com 

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Futures Education is seeking a Special Education Teacher