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Administrative Support
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The Contractor shall provide expert level administrative support for senior executives and must be highly proficient with Microsoft Office Suite applications.  The contractor should have general knowledge andand experience in management, international relations, international security, foreign affairs with the ability to effectively interact with staff at all levels of DoD and foreign Governments.  It is also essential that the contractor have the ability to provide administrative support for meetings, correspondence, and gathering background information to support senior officials’ attendance at meetings.  Administrative support activities include but are not limited to:

 Maintain Calendar. The contractor shall maintain the calendars of office personnel, coordinate the daily activities, and travel schedules to resolve conflicting priorities and requirements and ensure support for attendance at high profile meetings.

Preparation of Correspondence and Reports.  The contractor shall prepare formal, official correspondence based on drafts from senior level persons in the office.  The memos and other documents shall follow the guide correspondence and other standard established for the office and shall be appropriate for senior level Government officials.  The contractor shall assist in preparing required reports and presentations. 

Interaction with Public.  The contractor shall answer the telephone and refer the calls to other responsible individuals within the office.  The administrative staff will serve as the interface with the public whenever there are inquiries concerning the office, including the greeting of high-level officials.

Office Management.  The contractor shall be responsible for coordination of office administrative functions including office security administration, office space management, processing security clearance and visit requests for personnel and visitors, scheduling office events and ordering supplies.  The contractor shall have experience in administrative support and working knowledge of DoD security procedures. The contractor shall process requests for travel arrangement, accommodations and reimbursement of expenses, both manually and through the Defense Travel System.

Mail Processing.  The contractor shall process incoming mail, including e-mail and facsimile, route correspondence to the appropriate individual in the office for response and action.

Maintenance of Files.  The contractor shall maintain accountability of files and correspondence in the office, both in electronic and in paper form IAW WHS Administrative Instruction (IA) 15.  The files should be readily accessible whenever the need arises to find historical documents.   

Other Duties.  The contractor shall perform other appropriate duties as assigned in an office environment.


Administrative Professional Services. Provide general administrative support for organizations to include formatting correspondence, reports, briefings and other content drafted by technical and management personnel; transmit documents and data files; provide general support for business meetings and other events; monitor contractor personnel matters, support travel planning and ensure contractor personnel data accuracy .  Manage and track data call requests.  Assist in providing illustration/graphics support that requires visual display/presentations/aids, including videos, beyond the normal capabilities of office personnel.  Assist in providing strategic resource management and in planning Government operating resources; thus ensuring the program office's expertise level that commensurate with strategic goals.


Preparation of Briefings and Other Documentation.  The contractor shall prepare formal, official program documents and correspondence and maintains accountability of associated program files and records.  The contractor shall assist in the development and coordination of appropriate responses, reports and legal requirements.  The contractor will provide these reports and summaries as prescribed in official DoD or other federal directives.


Participation in In-Process Reviews and Meetings.  The contractor shall actively participate in scheduled and unscheduled in-process review meetings and briefings, as required by the Government.  The contractor shall participate in ad-hoc meetings and be able to complete quick response assignments.  The contractor shall maintain configuration and quality control of assignments at all times to assist with this call.


Liaison with Governmental and Non-Governmental Agencies.  The contractor shall interface with Governmental and non-Governmental agencies.  Other functions include analyzing requirements for Interagency working groups and coordinating inputs from numerous sources, other Government agencies, academia, and non-Governmental organizations.


Project Management.  Provide project management expertise and guidance.  Assist in comparing program direction and guidance in program management directives, plans, and other program documents, identify discrepancies, and recommend actions.  Determine accuracy of information/situation depicted, and report inconsistencies.  Assist in presenting specific briefings to Government and stakeholders.  Assist in reviewing program plans and other related documents and provide comments.  Assist in tracking progress and suggesting alternate approaches for projects behind schedule.  Assist in analyzing problems that arise in the performance of program calls and recommend solutions.  Assist in performing systems analysis of network project tracking systems.  Evaluate for applicability of calls, sequence, interdependency, duration, and consistency with program objectives.  Make recommendations for improvement and efficiency. 



Analytical Support

Specific tasks include:

Reviewing reports or associated correspondence packages for completeness, structure, content, and format; analyzing information from a variety of acquisition and program sources; authoring, reviewing, and editing documents and preparing reports; participating in program performance assessments of Major Defense Acquisitions Programs; ensuring that senior leader decisions are clearly communicated in items of correspondence prepared for signature; determining the acceptability of documents based on composition, coordination, and logical analysis; monitoring workload and precedence of tasks in order to direct prioritized changes to documents and routing based on rational well-founded priorities; possessing the ability to work under pressure, consistently meet deadlines, manage priorities, and handle sensitive information; interacting with and managing a broad range of highly sensitive issues.

Administrative Support

Specific tasks include:

Drafting funding and contracting documents for review by senior leadership; producing read-ahead materials; maintaining and reconciling budgets; composing correspondence and memoranda requiring independent judgment as to content; ensuring correspondence accuracy, format, spelling and grammar; assembling enclosures, attachments and other reference documentation before submission of the correspondence package to senior level decision makers for concurrence, approval and signature; routing correspondence in accordance with approved distribution codes or other designated routing lists; processing incoming and outgoing correspondence, recommending format and content changes; maintaining all correspondence control systems to reflect current task status at all times; preparing internal office correspondence; assisting in the control and accountability of classified documents stored within the office; ensuring special handling of correspondence which may require expediting (i.e., letters addressed to the White House, Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission and Congress); maintaining office and executive calendars, including but not limited to scheduling of appointments, meetings, travel, speeches, conferences, Congressional testimony and media appearances; providing customer service to customers by telephone and in person; providing pickup and delivery of correspondence; processing requests for travel arrangements, accommodations and reimbursement of expenses, both manually and through the Defense Travel System; preparing requests for building passes and site visit authorizations; processing incoming mail, facsimile and email; providing responses to public requests or calls for information and assistance.

Azimuth Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or protected veteran status.

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