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Technical Operations Manager

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Technical Operations Manager
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San Jose,  CA 95113
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Inuvo is looking for a Technical Operations Manager (TOM) to join our Account Services team.  Our TOMs are responsible for supporting our publishing partners through the implementation process, collaborating with our engineers to quickly resolve technical issues, and continually optimizing accounts for maximum yields.  They work hand in hand with the Account Management and Sales teams to ensure that we are providing technical support to our publishing partners and exceeding performance expectations.  Our business is growing quickly so we need someone who is able to creatively solve problems on the fly and ramp up quickly on new technologies. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Implementation - Our TOMs are responsible for supporting our publishing partners through every step of implementations process.  This includes building ad tags, providing implementation instructions, ensuring that ads are rendering and performing as expected, and covering any technical question or needs in-between. 
  • Technical Support - This role also will serve as the first line of technical support for our publisher partners post implementation, so you will need to be up to speed on the latest industry trends and topics and have an aptitude to quickly learning new platforms and technologies. 
  • Optimization - We have a multitude of demand sources that can run through our platform that can be run in different orders, with unique pricing floors, and with a variety of other configuration settings.  Finding the configuration that results in maximum yields for our partners requires creative and continuous testing by TOMs.  We are looking for someone who is able to design, implement, and document clean and effective AB tests. 
  • Data Analysis - Data is the driving force of our business so we need a TOM who is eager to dig into large data sets to identify optimization opportunities and detect any performance issues as soon as they begin.  Additionally, our TOMs need to be able to extract actionable insights from our data and present those in a clear and simple format to our partners. 
  • Cross Team Collaboration - Inuvo has a stellar team of engineers ready to provide technical support to our TOMs.  The two teams partner together to test new features, troubleshoot technical issues, and QA for big releases, so it is imperative that our TOM’s be able to collaborate with engineers and translate complex issues and instructions from that team into client friendly messaging. TOMs will also work very closely with both the Account Management and Sales teams to support our partners, so being able to effectively collaborate across teams is imperative. 

Required Skills


  • 2- 5 years professional experience in a field related to ad operations, sales/ technical support
  • Solid understanding of digital advertising ecosystem; experience with display ad platforms, programmatic advertising, and analytics platforms preferred
  • Meticulously organized
  • Superb communication skills; able to simplify complex technical solutions
  • Strong sense of urgency and ability to prioritize multiple client asks at once
  • Basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript and SQL preferred

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