Corporate Travel Consultant - IL

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Corporate Travel Consultant - IL
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Great Lakes,  IL 60088
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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Completes travel arrangements for clients' air, hotel, car rentals, trains, tour, and ground arrangements at the lowest possible price within corporate travel guidelines
  • Follow and suggest improvements in company procedures in the areas of customer service, documentation of PNRs and profiles, ticketing, invoicing, attendance, accuracy of work etc
  • Maintains ownership of each record until departure to ensure all details (including seat assignments, meal preferences, upgrades, etc.) are completed to the client's satisfaction
  • Researches and provides solutions to any travel related problem clients may have experienced with arrangements made by Our client with total management awareness and participation
  • Stays fully informed on all airline rules and regulations, tariffs, and fare requirements and accurately applies this knowledge to all travel arrangements
  • Is available for and receptive to training opportunities
  • Is Sabre proficient and maintains Sabre skills with relevant training
  • Has knowledge of and understanding of re-routing and exchange processes
  • Stays abreast of technology and industry knowledge, especially with intranet tools provided by Our client
  • Essential; Must have excellent communication skills and enjoy working with high level global clientele
  • Problem resolution to always include management.
  • Performs other office functions as needed and seeks ways to personally add to the overall efficiency of the operation
  • Regular and dependable attendance and punctuality is required.

Objective: To facilitate professional, accurate, cost-effective travel arrangements for all clients within their company's guidelines and standards of excellence for customer service. Ability to multi-task in fast-paced work environment.

Skills Required:

  • Overall travel industry knowledge and experience
  • 5 years Sabre computer knowledge and proficiency
  • Competent with all aspects of ticketing transactions
  • Proficient with International Itineraries and rate structures
  • Knowledge of online booking tools a must
  • Experienced and comfortable with premium travelers
  • Attention to detail/conscientiousness/flexible
  • Problem solving and initiative
  • Interpersonal communication and relationship building skills
  • Willingness to learn new functions and to enhance existing skills
  • Patience and flexibility
  • Minimum 5+ Years Industry Experience
  • Regular, dependable attendance required.

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