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Virtual employment opportunities are open for hire in any state except Alaska, California and Hawaii.

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Brand Journalist

Job Title
Brand Journalist
Job ID
Virtual,  84020
Other Location

Brand Journalist

WealthCounsel is the premier provider of solutions for estate planners and transactional business lawyers. Our combined offerings of drafting technology, legal education and practice development help attorneys elevate their practices and achieve greater success. We believe in the power of service and the strength of an elite member community that is over 4,000 members strong to make a difference in the lives of our customers and their clients.

We work to maintain the best possible environment for our employees, where people can learn and grow with the company. We strive to provide a collaborative, creative environment where each person feels encouraged to contribute to our processes, decisions, planning and culture.

Position Overview

WealthCounsel has an opportunity for a Brand Journalist who can help us define and voice our point of view. We need a content creator and brand voice master who can lead the way to our target audience and lead that audience to WealthCounsel. A good candidate has deep experience building and managing editorial calendars. The best candidate can also show a track record of inspiring co-workers through thoughtful expression of the company’s expertise and value to its customers. 

Excellent writing is a given. The candidate must have demonstrated experience in investigating, researching, and writing about topics that will engage our target audience on relevant legal matters, spur ideas about how to run their law firm businesses more effectively, and discover innovative strategies to solve client problems. 

WealthCounsel is highly interested in candidates who tell stories using a variety of mediums. The Brand Journalist will have access to internal and external subject matter experts, a brand-focused marketing team, and external creative resources, but that isn’t a substitute for experience. The ideal candidate can build effective relationships and knows how to allocate paid, earned, and owned online and in-person content. The best candidate also puts a high priority on business results and can report on the metric success of their content. 

Finally, the right candidate will know how to navigate a complex work environment and collaborate under tight deadlines to achieve an outcome. That means being an entrepreneur with a gift for influencing others, resolving conflicting priorities and guiding decision-making. And it means a willingness to adopt the scrappy, under-resourced, get-it-done mentality that working in a small company environment with aggressive goals requires.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Collaborate on creation and/or adaptation of thought leadership content across all company departments, including marketing, sales, education, product, and customer communications, to ensure that it meets our strategic marketing and other company objectives

  • Participate in the management and oversight of the marketing content editorial calendar to ensure that it meets marketing and other business objectives

  • Determine marketing project content requirements and potential content sources

  • Write innovative and compelling short and long-form content

  • Conduct secondary research that brings rigor and objectivity to stories

  • Write and edit supporting copy for blog posts, web pages, social media, and marketing e-mails

  • Ensure content supports WealthCounsel’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy

  • Communicate effectively with WealthCounsel senior management and team members

  • Maintain good working relationships with internal thought leaders, external subject matter experts, industry leaders, and strategic partners

Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent writing and editing skills—there will be a writing test

  • Natural, low-ego leadership

  • Impressive digital and social media chops

  • Standard-setting secondary research skills

  • Deep knowledge of metrics and ownership of continuous improvement

  • Ability to work independently on time-sensitive projects

  • Thorough understanding of how to communicate in a digital environment

  • Ability to influence content strategy across the entire development process

  • Excellent facilitation, listening and negotiation skills

  • Slam dunk presentation skills

  • Deep knowledge of business and technology related concepts and trends

  • Intellectual curiosity and a willingness to learn a new audience and industry



  • 5-10 years of professional writing experience

  • Newsroom (print or digital) or magazine experience highly desirable

  • Ready portfolio of by-line publishing, preferably about legal, technology or business topics

  • Experience working with marketing teams and product teams

  • Experience working with creative staff and creative tools

  • Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Marketing, Communications or a related field



We value our employees’ time and efforts. Our commitment to your success is enhanced by our competitive salary and an extensive benefits package including paid time off, medical, dental and vision benefits and 401K match and future growth opportunities within the company. We also offer up to $40/month gym membership reimbursement, and up to $60/month internet reimbursement.

*Virtual Employment opportunities are open for hire in any state except Alaska, California and Hawaii

WealthCounsel is an Equal Opportunity Employer.