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  • Travel to our annual company meeting
  • Perks like paid gym memberships, home Internet and phone

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VP of Marketing

Job Title
VP of Marketing
Job ID
Draper,  UT 84020
Other Location

Vice President, Marketing



The Vice President of Marketing at WealthCounsel develops, communicates, and executes brand strategy, market development and awareness, lead generation strategies and tactics, and all communications activities for WealthCounsel’s continued growth. We need a marketing leader with vision, constant focus on growth and the goals required to achieve it, a strong sense of brand and the right voice to bring it to life, and the ability to build rapport and effective relationships.


WealthCounsel LLC is an organization where you can have impact. We’re a 20-year old company providing a membership suite of legal practice support products and services to attorneys. We’re well established and a leader in our market, but just now poised for our most significant growth phase. So, as VP of Marketing you should be ready to handle ambitious goals and create solutions for multiple priorities. There are lots of unique challenges and plenty of opportunities for unique success.


Here’s everything you’ll be doing (but, of course, other areas of responsibility may occasionally appear as needed):


  • Develop and execute compelling marketing strategies for WealthCounsel while creating a periodic marketing strategic plan that aligns tactics and resources to achieve goals. Plan it. Build it. Do it.
  • Work with your marketing team to develop and implement lead generation plans to ensure that a steady flow of qualified, prospective customers is being delivered to our sales team. You’ll spend a significant amount of time staying current on digital marketing strategies while also creating new ideas for lead generation and content marketing.
  • Using data analytics, track the effectiveness of marketing tactics and adjust strategies as needed for maximum effectiveness. You don’t need to love numbers, just know how to use them.
  • It’s all about growth and driving revenue, so you’ll be collaborating with the VP of Sales to develop new strategies for success within the marketing and sales pipeline, while also working closely with the VP of Customer Experience to ensure compelling communications are implemented to achieve customer retention goals.
  • Lead and develop a marketing team capable of carrying out the necessary marketing strategies and tactics, generating new ideas, and hitting aggressive deadlines. You’ll oversee digital, creative, communications, and events staff and you’ll need to stay on top of dozens of projects with lots of moving parts. At 10:00 you could be talking about social media strategies and at 11:00 discussing event planning, so you’ll need a broad foundation of marketing know-how.
  • Work closely with the CEO and senior leadership to identify and develop strategic alliances and joint ventures that lead to increased brand awareness and revenue opportunities.
  • Oversee and direct market research, competitor analyses, and public relations.
  • Source and manage contractors, vendors, and agency partners. You won’t be successful without outside resources, so bring some contacts and relationship skills.
  • Occasional travel is required for meetings and conferences.

Here is what we’re looking for in the right leader:


  • 10 years of marketing experience in comparable industries with at least 4 years in a senior marketing management position.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with proven ability to work well in a highly collaborative leadership environment. Personal maturity, good judgment, capable of communicating effectively with peers, employees, executive leadership, and shareholders. We need a grown-up who plays well with others.
  • Broad functional experience in areas of strategic planning and marketing, brand development and communication, digital marketing strategies and experience with marketing automation technology (HubSpot preferred), and product launch planning. And no, it’s not a coincidence that the word “digital” keeps appearing. You need some really solid online marketing strategy experience.
  • Solid, proven experience in creating and managing budgets in excess of $1 million. That’s going to also require skills in negotiating contracts and vendor management.
  • Be customer focused – show that you know how to serve the needs and expectations of a community of customers.
  • You need to know how to write. Effectively and with purpose. With the ability to edit other people’s writing. And to identify the right written voice for WealthCounsel.
  • This is not a corner office job where you delegate everything all day long. You have to be hands-on and able to demonstrate a variety of skills to support your team. The goals are multiple and aggressive, so you have to be able to inspire a team to meet them. And a sense of humor wouldn’t hurt.
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Communications or related field.


We value our employees’ time and efforts. Our commitment to your success is enhanced by our competitive salary and an extensive benefits package including paid time off, medical, dental and vision benefits and 401K match and future growth opportunities within the company. We also offer up to $40/month gym membership reimbursement.

WealthCounsel is an Equal Opportunity Employer.