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Instrument Man SUE

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Instrument Man SUE
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Atlanta,  GA 30328
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Land Surveying Instrument Man / Rod Man SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering)


Assist land surveying field crew by performing the following duties:

-Hold rod at designated points to take measurements for mapping, construction layout and other types of surveys. 
-Operate the land surveying instruments required for the collection or electronic transfer of survey data (total stations, data collectors, GPS). 
-Legibly mark measured or set points with survey data using a marking crayon, spray paint or black marker.
-Take measurement readings and call them out to Party Chief and/or write them in field notebook.
-Measure distance between survey points with cloth tape or surveyor's chain.
-Place tacks, hubs, lathe, scratches, stakes, rebar or pipes at measured survey points.
-Cuts and clears brush and trees from line of survey. 
-Performs other duties as directed by Survey Party Chief / Crew Chief.
-Land surveying equipment, vehicle and facility maintenance.


Available to work Saturdays and overtime if needed. Responsible for job-specific quality system tasks as defined in quality manual.


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