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Front End Web Developer

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Front End Web Developer
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Portland,  OR 97204
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Our History:
From our start in 2009, Conexess has established itself in 3 markets, employing nearly 150+ individuals nation-wide. Operating in over 15 states, our client base ranges from Fortune 500/1000 companies, to mid-small range companies. For the majority of the mid-small range companies, we are exclusively used due to our outstanding staffing track record

Who We Are:
Conexess is a full-service staffing firm offering contract, contract-to hire, and direct placements. We have a wide range of recruiting capabilities extending from help desk technicians to CIOs. We are also capable of offering project based work

This role is primarily a front-end web developer who will be working on internal and external web based applications for our client’s 50 + million customers and 35 thousand employees. The developer would be working with a team that has work on multiple internal and external web based applications.

A front-end web developer should have experience delivering browser based web applications to clients in a scalable, reliable, and visually pleasing way. We expect front-end developers to know:

  • Ideal candidate has extensive production experience providing solutions based on JavaScript in the front and back end Ideal candidate should be familiar with ES6, ES7
  • Ideal candidate has some experience using TypeScript
  • Ideal candidate has multiple deployed applications using Angular technologies
  • Candidates with extensive development in other Web based UI frameworks will work but should be willing to prove they can rapidly adopt work with Angular concepts.
  • Ideal candidate will have extensive experience laying out modern web applications and styling them in HTML and CSS
  • Candidate should be able to rapidly style user interface elements in HTML and CSS that match requirement wireframes and then incorporate those components into Angular components or client framework templates.
  • Ideal candidate will have extensive experience working with multiple client and mobile browsers and dealing with varying capabilities of the different browsers
  • Ideal candidate will have worked extensively with frameworks that support responsive web design in mobile and desktop browsers RESTful API's
  • Ideal candidate has extensively worked with public RESTful interfaces and can describe the tenets of REST, compare REST to SOAP, and describe REST best practices
  • A good candidate should understand the tenets of protecting client data in motion and at rest as well as different techniques for authenticating and authorizing clients / consumers of service data.
  • Ideal candidate has performed primary product development with GIT based source control solutions (Github, Gitlab, etc)
  • Ideal candidate has worked with Functional and Unit test based frameworks to develop automated tests (Mocha, Jasmine, Cucumber, etc)
  • Ideal candidate has worked on projects with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, Gitlab-CI, etc)
  • Ideal candidate has worked on projects with container based solutions (Docker, CoreOS, etc)
  • Our team uses Reactive Programming techniques in our mobile application and candidates would do well to familiarize themselves or have experience with Reactive Programming Techniques
  • Our team likes to use the Functional Programming support released recently in TypeScript 2.0 and wherever we can. A candidate should be willing to learn functional programming paradigms or have previous experience with functional programming languages
  • Ideal candidate has worked with asset design tools for creating web assets as part of their web development experience (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, etc).

UNABLE TO WORK C2C **Sorry sponsorship not available**

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