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DLSA - Facility Manager

Job Title
DLSA - Facility Manager
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Washington,  DC 20002
Other Location
DoJ - Federal District Court



·         Ensure that only authorized individuals are given access to the secure facility. All individuals who enter the secure facility must show photo identification to the AOFM, who will in turn check to ensure their name, is on the approved access list, provided by the CSO.

·         Ensure that each approved individual who enters the secure facility sign in and out on the entry log. The log will include their printed name, date and time of visit, and their signature.

·         Remain present in the office space while it is occupied by counsel.

·         Track the location of documents within the facility on a daily basis.

·         Escort all visitors (e.g. repair personnel, janitorial staff, etc.) that have been approved by the CSO.

·         Remove documents and computer equipment from classified storage safes and provide them to detainee counsel for use in office space located in the secure facility. The AOFM must ensure that this information is re-packaged and returned to the appropriate safe immediately upon receipt from detainee counsel.

·         Ensure that all classified material being removed from the secure facility must be approved by the CSO and double wrapped, addressed, and transported in compliance with the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO).

·         Create new case drawers in safes or file boxes for storage in a secure room in the secure facility.

·         Answer all incoming calls in a professional manner, and take messages and forward case related calls or questions to the court security office within one hour via email

·         Ensure counsel comply with the rules/procedures of the facility and report any violations to the CSO via email no later than 30 minutes of detection and violation.

·         Notify counsel of record on each case of any incoming classified filings, orders, transcripts, court materials or other classified material within two hours of delivery to the Secure Facility.

·         Send and receive unclassified facsimile documents for counsel by entering them on the fax transmission log with date, time, number of pages, and name of detainee counsel, case name/number, and name of AOFM sending transmittal.

·         Copy and scan documents as instructed.

·         File material in safe drawer, secure room or other designated location immediately upon receipt.

·         Receive and log in mail to and from detainees confined at Joint Detention Center, Guantanamo Bay and file in counsel drawer or forward to the Privilege team for processing.

·         Receive motions from counsel, ensure they are appropriately processed to include instructing detainee counsel as to correct amount of copies, attaching classified coversheet, marking and double-wrapping.

·         The AOFM will assist counsel with any of the aforementioned, as needed.

·         Assist counsel with labeling and proper disposal of any burn bags, to include ensuring that the burn bags are in place and ready for the designated morning pick-up.

·         Assist counsel with making secure calls, or receiving secure calls via the Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) phones at the secure facility.

·         Assist counsel with destruction of material to include shredding as needed.

·         Update counsel and case information as instructed by CSO.

·         Close-out and package closed case material or material for cases where detainees have been transferred or released.

·         Contact CSO on all issues or concerns related to the running of the secure facility and any counsel questions.

·         Ensure all classified material, including classified material saved on electronic devices (e.g. laptops, hard drives, etc.) is appropriately stored when not in use.

Additional Requirements:

  • Oversee the daily operations of the Secure Facility. Memorize the combinations to the front door of Suite 210, as well as other combinations to containers that protect classified national security information. All combinations will be provided by the CSO. Assist cleared counsel with their PFAC cards.
  • The AOFM is responsible for direct interaction with the COR, Contractor, and CSO regarding overall contract quality and performance, including responsiveness, employee schedules and secure facility coverage, quality control and workload management. The AOFM will have full authority to act for the contractor on all matters relating to daily operation of this contract.

Education, Certification and Background:


·         AO’s must have strong administrative abilities to include a strong background in MS Office Suite such Excel, Word, and Publisher which are utilized in the archive project

·         AO’s must have experience with handling and/or archiving classified information

·         A valid driver's license

·         At least a high school diploma

·         All AO’s must possess TS/SCI (SI/TK/G/HCS/GRU-GST)


Azimuth Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or protected veteran status.

Required Skills

Prior experience as an AOFM


4027 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Suite 230
Dayton, OH 45431
P: 937.256.8571 F: 937.256.8752

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