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ISR Strategic Planning

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ISR Strategic Planning
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Joint Base Andrews,  MD 20762
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- Support the ISR Staff in day-to-day management of all personnel and programs assigned to the ISR Division; advise Senior Staff, TAFs, and commanders on intelligence matters as the technical SME of the SIO (AFPD 14-3, AFI 14-302). 


- Advise and review assumptions of all intelligence missions deemed appropriate and provide feedback to Senior ISR staff. 


- Work with the Division and Branch Chiefs for ISR force development, mobilization, functional area management, career field management, and PPBE for all ISR units, personnel, and programs, and advises the Director on the same. 


As directed by the government, assist the ISR staff with the following:

-Resolution of wartime requirements and authorization mismatches (UTC versus UMD).

-Monitor DOC statements, SORTS and ART reports and develop criteria for force posturing, analyses and execution activities.

-Ensure manpower, training, and sustainment supports ISR readiness requirements.

-Recommend improvements or changes. 

-Monitor all intelligence formal training allocations.

-Track intelligence inspections and exercises.


- Coordinate staff actions on command,and HHQ documents related to intelligence personnel, units, and missions. 


- Serve as the point of contact for issues involving unit-level ISR personnel.


- Address issues and coordinate functional concerns across various staffs.


- Recommend program priorities to the ISR staff; if approved, initiate and coordinate actions to satisfy field requirements, give advice, counsel, and instruction.


- Coordinate with ANG unit commanders to ensure compliance with USAF and MAJCOM policy.


- Represent the ISR staff at National Intelligence Community, DoD, HQ USAF, MAJCOM, and unified command-level planning workshops, conferences, and other forums.


-Advises all levels of AF and joint commands of ISR capabilities for incorporation into mission plans and activities.


- Assist the ISR staff with coordinating and facilitating the development of ISR unit play for operations, activities, and exercises.


- Brief state headquarters on ISR mission area and opportunities, mission acquisition process, and preparation of state capability assessments.


- Collect, analyze and catalog state capability assessments to allow matching to valid AF ISR requirements. 


Timelines for the following actions will vary, but contractor will meet the timelines as required by the government.

-Draft recommendations for ISR combat readiness.

-Develop policy recommendations and review other agencies policies regarding the best use of  assets to support ISR activities to include combat readiness.

-Prepare background materials, assessments, and analysis on ISR activities and programs.

-Draft Programming and Organizational Change Requests (PCR and OCR).

-Draft UTCs and DOC statements.

-Draft and with ISR staff direction, staff Operational, Programming, and Implementation Plans (OPLANs, P-Plans, and I-Plans).

-Prepare position papers, background briefs, assessments, and fact sheets to assist ISR staff in supporting leadership and responding to White House, Congressional, Gubernatorial and TAG inquiries or requests for information concerning the best use of ISR capability. 


- Serve as the point of contact for issues involving ANG ISR future programs and provide written feedback, to include actions taken and recommended actions, within 3 business days to Sr ISR staff.


- Travel/Attend: program, system, and unit planning, programming, and budgeting meetings, unit stand-up-related working groups, site visits, and SATAFs in order to coordinate action and observe and report on any discussions or issues that may positively or negatively impact ISR.




  • Must have previous ISR experience
  • Must have experience working with intelligence systems
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Must have a minimum of an Interim TS/SCI Security Clearance to be considered for this position


Azimuth Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or protected veteran status.

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