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UI/UX Designer & Developer

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UI/UX Designer & Developer
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Little Rock,  AR 72201
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UI/UX Designer & Developer – Job Description


Summary of Responsibilities

Inuvo is looking for an experienced frontend designer/developer. Our ideal candidate would be able to understand a problem, design a solution, then build that solution in HTML/CSS. A strong knowledge of programming-related concepts like object-orientation, frontend tooling, performance, and browser rendering will help this position bridge the gap between our designers and developers. Along with a strong technical and design background, this position requires someone who is organized and able to delegate tasks for and manage the progress of various frontend-related tasks across Inuvo’s sites and webapps.


Principal Accountabilities

  • Research and work with development team to come up with solutions to UI problems.
  • Work with feedback from both clients and team members.
  • Collaborate with Creative team to implement branding across digital products.
  • Maintain and improve a large, ever-changing SCSS codebase with responsive layouts and components.
  • Work with Dev team to find and fix bugs, integrate JS-based solutions, and provide support.



  • Ability to solve all sorts of design challenges with creativity, efficiency and precision; a full stack designer (interaction, usability, graphic design, HTML, CSS).
  • UI and UX design expertise.
  • Skilled at designing clean, usable interfaces with an eye on revenue.
  • Demonstrated custom web design skills that show creativity beyond applying third-party templates.
  • Must be self-directed, confident and able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to communicate successfully with people from non-technical and technical backgrounds.


Desirable Skills

  • Mastery of HTML (semantics, intelligent nesting, browser support, new elements).
  • Mastery of CSS (large-scale architecture, SCSS, modern layout techniques).
  • Mastery of Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, or similar design tool.
  • Ability to design and build functional interfaces and experiences in an Agile release cycle.
  • Strong visual design skills (up-to-date on trends without falling into fads).
  • Strong interaction design skills: wireframing, prototyping).
  • A passion for semantic mark-up and standards with knowledge of SEO.
  • A working knowledge of PHP and Wordpress (several of our sites utilize this platform).
  • A working knowledge of javascript (ideal candidate would be very familiar).
  • Experience in designing for iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows is nice to have.


Education and Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering preferred.
  • 5 + years commercial software development in increasing levels of responsibility.