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Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst II


The QA Analyst II role will, with supervision of others, be responsible for the quality and of releases by participating in the testing lifecycle. This includes analyzing business requirements, functional specifications, technical specifications, and assessing current functionality with partnership with application leads and supervisors.


As assigned, the QA Analyst II will be responsible for test suite creation, test planning, test case creation, manual system testing, execution and possibly creation of automated tests, and incident investigation for projects requested by all PGAC departments with the support of QA Leads, or QA Management.


The QA Analyst II may have a responsibility to support applications and act as a QA Lead, providing guidance, reviews, and delegation of tasks with the support of QA Management.


The QA Analyst II role will need to be organized and able to document and convey their activities completed to QA Leads, QA Management, and/or Business Sponsors for accurate updates on progress.


Required to embody a team/we versus an I/they attitude.


Experience/Skills Requirements


1. Ability to manually test programming changes and/or system enhancements to validate intended functionality and the integrity of the system. Develop test plans/procedures including test methods such as, functional, system tests, regression and/or integration per project request based on project specifications with the assistance of QA Leads, and/or Quality Assurance Management.


2. Will be responsible for researching system error reports for all systems supported. Research involves determining root cause of problem, locating all affected data, correcting affected data where appropriate and notifying others of the need for any system operation tables found to have caused the system issue. The QA Analyst II will need to be able to prepare and present their findings to all business owners in writing and orally to assist the business owners in determining the best corrective action to be applied to the system. Be able to assist development staff in recreating the incident so they can correct the incident should a programming error be the cause.


3. Responsible for reviewing project requests to determine the estimated time needed, the correct test plan, and test cases required to validate the requested functionality with the goal of achieving all desired system changes with both quality and speed to market in partnership with QA Leads and/or QA Management.


4. Conduct meetings with Quality Assurance Management to discuss testing projects prior to test initiation to ensure a full understanding of project specifications and complete coverage of the project specifications.


5. Possess the ability to effectively communicate in writing and orally issues encountered during test or during an incident investigation with development staff, business owners and end users so the issue is clearly understood by all to aid in deciding on best method to correct the identified issue.


6. Develop both manual and automated (with partnership of Software Test Engineers) regression testing to provide a benchmark for testing and to aid in review of all system operations to ensure they continue to operate as desired.


7. Update job knowledge through their work with other QA Analysts, QA Leads, and Quality Assurance Management on system test assignments; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; developing and maintaining personal networks and participation in professional test organizations.



- College degree or equivalent

- Must be proficient in the use of a computer and with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Windows, Excel)

- Proven written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail and the ability to follow through

- Ability to work in a team environment and balance quantity and speed with the quality of work required

- Must be able to perform basic math calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) as well as the calculation of averages and percentages

-Prefer candidates with prior experience in the auto insurance industry

-2-4 years of IT/QA experience required.

- Must Have AS400 experience


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