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Classroom Volunteer
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Winter Park,  FL 32792
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The Classroom Volunteer is essential in helping CECO achieve their vision. Classroom volunteers support all conductive and special education teaching staff.

The Classroom Volunteer is capable of receiving information, clarifying if necessary, retaining and applying information about tasks given from teaching staff in the classroom. Specific competencies required, include but are not limited to communicating with diverse groups, demonstrating basic math and verbal skills, and understanding multi-step written and oral instructions. Demonstrates self-motivation to complete assigned tasks. Demonstrates ability to establish and maintain warm, supportive relationships with students, families and staff. Committed to educational philosophies compatible with CECO.

        Reports to: Designated Teaching Staff or Administrators; Program Assistant Supervisor

        Performance Responsibilities:

  • Learn and become familiar with CECO classroom and center guidelines to function purposeful in classroom.
  • Learn student basic needs and daily routine.
  • Assist teaching staff with classroom and equipment set up, clean up, cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Assist teaching staff with cleaning lunchroom, opening doors and moving equipment. Assist teaching staff with arts & crafts activities.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor.


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