Conductive Education Teacher

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Conductive Education Teacher
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This is a full-time professional salaried position and as such includes responsibilities related to the classroom, center, and the community. The following is a list of specific areas of responsibility for this position. It is understood that some factors which affect the quality of a teaching program may not be quantifiable or possible to clearly define. Therefore, this list may not be all inclusive; specific duties may vary according to the needs of the program. Policies relating to benefits, evaluations, and procedures may be found in the employee handbook.

It is expected that professional staff members will display a professional and personal attitude which is conducive to a long term commitment to the profession. The Conductor-Teacher is hired to the Center and may be assigned to any classroom or program based on the needs of the school.

The Conductive Education Teacher will:

  • Create and maintain a safe and developmentally appropriate educational environment designed to promote the positive physical, cognitive and socio-emotional growth and development of each student, utilizing the principles of differentiated instruction and Conductive Education.
  • Participate as an active/cooperative member of a professional team to plan and implement differentiated programs and activities based on developmental levels of each student in accordance with IEP’s and Service Plans.
  • Provide conductive education service in conjunction with multi-modal, developmentally appropriate instructional techniques and materials, designed to actively engage students and maximize physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development.
  • Work regularly with other Professional Staff to establish student physical, cognitive and social learning objectives/goals, evaluate progress, and determine areas in need of further change/improvement for each student.
  • Utilize proactive/ appropriate individual and group behavior management techniques conducive to an effective learning environment, including positive redirection, strategy implementation/tracking, data collection, functional behavior assessments and the creation of behavior plans where appropriate.
  • Prepare and/or ensure the completion of required, student/classroom-related paperwork by prescribed deadlines, including: daily attendance, Complex Program, Service Plans including individualized goals, goal tracking sheets, daily notes to parents, progress reports, and other documents are required.
  • Engage in and document regular, positive/collaborative interactions and communications with Parents, including: daily engagements (drop-off, pick-up times), Daily Sheets/Notes, Parent Conferences as needed and/or no less than quarterly, during Parent Involvement/Volunteer Activities, through newsletters, emails, bulletins, room signs and/or personal notices.
  • Create/maintain a safe and healthy environment for students and staff including, but not limited to, consistently observing students to determine a level of wellness that allows for active participation in the daily programs, maintain awareness of/post information related to individual allergies and/or specific, individual health challenges and work to minimize exposure to materials/elements in the environment that may be harmful, consistently use Universal Precautions during feedings, toileting and/or coming into contact with any other bodily fluids, ensure that only equipment that is safe and in good repair is used with students, ensure that all students have supervision at all times.
  • Engage in and ensure the completion of self-care related activities for the students, including feeding (orally and/or by g- tube), toileting (potty training where appropriate), dressing, as well as any actions that maintain the safety, comfort and well-being of students.
  • Provide documentation of the completion of a minimum of 20 hrs. of personal growth activities per calendar year through work-related professional development seminars/programs, online courses, webinars, community or other trainings focused on the acquisition of new and improved skills and knowledge.
  • Actively participate in and/or help to organize Center –wide functions as they occur. Attend and actively participate in Annual Open House, All-Star Challenge, Winter Social, Summer BBQ, and a minimum of 2 PTCO- specific meetings or events and 1 CECO-related, volunteer event or project per calendar year.
  • Perform any other related duties within the scope of employment and certifications as assigned by the Lead Conductor or Executive Director, not otherwise prohibited by law or in conflict with employment agreement.

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