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Systems Automation Engineer

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Systems Automation Engineer
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Ann Arbor,  MI
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Most great success stories have a humble beginning, Conexess is no different.

Starting with two people working from their homes in 2009, Conexess has flourished over the years, establishing office locations in four markets: Nashville, Detroit, Orlando & Dallas.From these established markets, Conexess employs 150+ individuals across the nation. Our client base ranges from small-mid range companies to Fortune 500 companies. For the majority of the small-midrange companies, we are their exclusive staffing provider due to our outstanding track record.

Our customers are the Internet - from content providers to network operators.  There's no shortage of data in these environments; the challenge is to turn that data into actionable information for everything from strategic business decisions to automated network operation.  Sitting at the intersection between networking & data science, the biggest players in the industry are turning to us for answers.

We are a small, but quickly-growing team including some of the minds behind the original Internet (NSFNet), the security that defends over 85% of Internet backbones, & cutting-edge research into big data science & visualization.  Come join us — we're advancing the state-of-the-art in network intelligence.

As a member of the system engineering team, you will be integrated with our development teams - constantly striving for automated & efficient operational process improvements.  Working closely with other developers, you will help design systems that are resilient to failure amidst exponential growth.  You will help build &  improve tools for systems management and monitoring.  If you’ve been looking for a chance to work with next-generation tools in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, this might be your opportunity.

Successful candidates will possess demonstrable expertise in Linux-based operating systems along with software engineering experience.  We are a Python shop using SaltStack for configuration management, AWS for cloud infrastructure, Bamboo for continuous integration and Docker for application packaging; familiarity with those technologies will also be helpful.  Past experience in a SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) role or similar position emphasizing the DevOps philosophy would be beneficial.


• Provide technical leadership and consultation with regards to practices, procedures and techniques with a focus on system level operations
• Own the direction and management of our in house monitoring solution currently based on statsd, collectd, graphite and grafana 
• Support & foster cross team communication with a focus on resolving issues with a sense of urgency
• Participate in a Pagerduty rotation to support what you build
• Provide subject-matter expertise during design sessions & technical reviews

Recommended Qualifications:

• Demonstrable expertise with Linux systems
• Experience with one or more configuration management platforms, such as SaltStack, Chef, Puppet, etc.
• Experience in at least one compiled language (C, Java, etc.) & a dynamic language (Python, Clojure, Ruby, etc.)
• Understanding of large-scale complex systems from a reliability & scalability perspective
• TCP/IP networking knowledge
• Familiarity with principles and practices of infrastructure & application monitoring


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