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Title Location Open Date
Administrative Assistant III Andrews AFB, MD  12/11/17 
Mid-level Program Analyst Arlington, VA  12/11/17 
Junior Financial/Budget Analyst Arlington, VA  12/11/17 
Senior Executive Assistant Arlington, VA  12/11/17 
Mid-level Executive Assistant Arlington, VA  12/11/17 
Senior Program Analyst Arlington, VA  12/8/17 
Data Engineer Chantilly, VA  12/4/17 
Acquisition Support Manager, Senior Oklahoma City, OK  12/4/17 
Senior Acquisition Program Analyst Arlington, VA  12/4/17 
Senior Financial Manager Warner Robins, GA  12/4/17 
Optoelectronics Materials Research Scientist Beavercreek, OH  11/27/17 
Administrative Assistant I Beavercreek, OH  11/27/17 
Administrative Professional Beavercreek, OH  11/17/17 
Web Design Support Washington, DC  11/16/17 
Sr Program Analyst, Presentation/Multimedia/Speech Writing Support Washington, DC  11/16/17 
Program Protection Analyst Washington, DC  11/16/17 
Personnel Security Washington, DC  11/16/17 
UD (Unauthorized Disclosure) Analyst Washington, DC  11/16/17 
Sr Program Analyst, Innovation Outreach Washington, DC  11/16/17 
Financial Management/Budget Execution Support Washington, DC  11/16/17 
Mid-level Program Analyst, Public Affairs Washington, DC  11/16/17 
InT (Intelligence) Analyst Washington, DC  11/16/17 
Physical Security Washington, DC  11/16/17 
Mid/Sr Program Analyst, International Cooperation Analysis Washington, DC  11/16/17 
Human Resource Manager Beavercreek, OH  11/9/17 
Facility Industrial Security Manager Beavercreek, OH  11/3/17 
Sr Operations Research Analyst Beavercreek, OH  11/2/17 
Junior Administrative Professional Beavercreek, OH  11/2/17 
ACS/New Programs Program Manager, SME Beavercreek, OH  11/1/17 
Aerospace Systems Engineer Beavercreek, OH  11/1/17 
Optical Scientist Beavercreek, OH  11/1/17 
Laser Optics Lab Scientist Beavercreek, OH  11/1/17 
Photorefractive Materials Research Scientist Beavercreek, OH  11/1/17 
Program Manager, Senior Beavercreek, OH  11/1/17 
Materials Research Scientist Beavercreek, OH  11/1/17 
Undergraduate Intern - Year-Round Beavercreek, OH  11/1/17 
DoD Policy Analyst - Real Estate Washington, DC  10/10/17 


4027 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Suite 230
Dayton, OH 45431
P: 937.256.8571 F: 937.256.8752

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