Daily Message

Effective Jan 23rd, only portals that start with https://j.brt.mv/ will function. 

Most customers are on our new portal version and have Career Pages linked to portals that start with https://j.brt.mv/

Please just take a moment and verify that your portal address starts with https://j.brt.mv/. and that your website points to the correct URL. To access your portal: 

1. Click your Name. 

2. Click Settings. 

3. Click Candidate Experience Portals. 

4. Click Preview next to each portal you currently utilize. 

5. Make sure the address begins with https://j.brt.mv/ 

If you have any questions or your portal does not have that beginning, please contact support at support@brightmove.com for assistance. 

Daily Message

BrightMove 19.0 is launching in just TWO days!

We wanted to provide you the link to our new user manual so that you will have it for reference after the launch. A lot of time and effort was spent by our team updating the wiki with the latest information possible, so we hope that you find it user-friendly and helpful. As always, you can still reach customer support via chat, email, and phone.

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